Well, I guess I’ll get talking.
There’s something unique, unusual about me; 
I’ve disguised it as common, but it’s always troubled me….

Shuuya Kano | Tsubomi Kido | Photographer


Qiao sister photos from Otakon!!!

Da Qiao - melshardae

Xiao Qiao - jonghooey

Photographer - grandemagnifico


Qiao sister photos from Otakon part 2 !!!

Da Qiao - melshardae

Xiao Qiao - jonghooey

Photographer -  grandemagnifico

I’m back for year three at AUSA! Things are a little different this year, so make sure you read the entire post before heading over to the Google Doc to get your name in.

Pricing has changed a little bit: A standard 1-hour slot is $10 andaccommodates groups up to three cosplayers. Each cosplayer over the third and up to seven is an additional $5. Groups between four and seven will work in a 2-hour window. For example: A pair books a 1-hour slot, and pays $10. A group of five books a 2-hour slot, and pays $20. If you have any questions about this, please let me know.

Once you submit the form, I will confirm via email, and will confirm again with a meeting place and any other information a week or so before the convention. 

*** I reserve the right to decline a photoshoot for any reason. ***

Payment is very flexible - if you are absolutely certain of your attendance, you can pay via Paypal in advance, but I do take cash in person before your shoot. I do not necessarily carry change. 

The number of photos you receive depends upon the size of your group, between around 10 for an individual and 30 for a larger group. My turnaround time is one to two weeks, potentially longer during the school year.

Sunday: 2pm

Updated as of 8/31 at 6:01pm.


Otakon shoots!

I’ve been transitioning to mainly using my Facebook page, Shardae Photography, for cosplay photography, but I did some cool work at Otakon, so here it is.

Athena Cykes | Sasha Buckler


Kanbara Akihito | Kuriyama Mirai

Kirijo Mitsuru | Sanada Akihiko

Tendo Akane

Ruby Rose

Koumei | Djinn Equip Koumei


You’re rather annoying. If you’re a sparrow, why don’t you chirp sweetly?

Otakon 2014 | Beni (Dramatical Murder) (fb/tumblr) | Photography (fb/tumblr)

In honor of August 15…..

Kano | Kido | Photographer


melshardae made FEMM glasses for us because she’s incredible

fxxk wu get money


Da Qiao - melshardae
Xiao Qiao - jonghooey

(Otakon, August 2014)



If Rose were here, this would be so easy”

Rose Quartz


- - -

I’ll never not be sad about Rose being gone…

"Space funeral" pictures that we did by having me lay on a black sheet, and then Mel shopped on the star pattern I made.