San Japan day 1!! Let’s go!!!! Don’t be afraid to say hi!

Morgiana at Ellicott City 2014

Cosplayer: Barracuda Cosplay

Photographer: Shardae Photography

Nel Zepher at Ellicott City 2014

Cosplayer: Ashbrie Cosplay

Photographer: Shardae Photography

Sion Astal at Ellicott City 2014

Cosplayer: Plumvs

Photographer: Shardae Photography

Summoner Yuna at Ellicott City 2014

Cosplayer: Minniemoon Cosplay

Photographer: Shardae Photography 

For the first time, I’m taking photoshoots at Otakon! Examples can be seen on my photography tag and my Flickr

Rate: $10/hour

Contact: email at

Deliverables: around 15-30, depending on the size of the group; edited within a week or so


2pm - 3pm

For groups of 1-3, schedule one hour - for groups of four or more, two hours. If you have a really big group, message me and we’ll talk.

Please message me with your name, the cosplay(s) you’ll be wearing, and your preferred time slot. (If you don’t know what you’re wearing, that’s fine, just keep me informed so I can do the appropriate research!) I reserve the right to decline any shoot for any reason.


If you see me in the halls, though, feel free to ask for a few hall shots if I’m not busy!


Hey everyone! I finally got my act together long enough to shove this together. I’m still trying to work out a good system for booking shoots, so I’m trying something a little new. Listed here is my overall availability, rather than slot by slot. Examples of my work can be found on my photography tag and my flickr.

A few notes: I have a very fast turnaround time and you’ll be getting your photos - somewhere between 15 and 30, depending on the size of the group - in about a week, guaranteed. I try to do research in advance so that I can provide assistance with posing and location ideas. Lastly, unless you really prefer paying in advance, I’ll take your payment right before your shoot at the con. I reserve the right to decline any shoot for any reason.


Like a button, like a horseshoe,
Like a girl who’s bad at metaphors—!

Forgive the entirely self-indulgent post of some great shots I got back of my Anna cosplay taken by my talented friends ;A; Sewing and crafting Anna required taking all of my lifelong love for Disney and channeling it into dedication to getting lots of little details right, but it was such a fun project to work on beginning to end. <3 I can’t wait to keep adding pieces and sprucing things up!

Princess Anna of Arendelle :: vintage-aerith
Photos 1 & 2 :: KDoran Photography
Photos 3 & 4 :: Shardae Photography

Melt - I can’t let our eyes meet 
I’m not into love and all that 
But I do… like you

Melt Miku at Sakura Matsuri - cosplayer | photographer

"I put on my pink skirt and flower hairclips
I step outside and tell myself, 
today you will see how cute I really be!”

Melt Miku at Sakura Matsuri - cosplayer | photographer